Thursday, November 25, 1999

November 1999


Being as Icelandic as it gets, I feel very strongly about The Icelandic Association of Chicago. Icelandic culture is unique and special and the people of Iceland are interesting (says who!). Now you might think I am just saying that since I am Icelandic and that I am being very patriotic. That is true I am patriotic but as we know many people who have discovered Iceland and Icelandic culture - come back for more. For example, the guests we have brought to the Þorrablót - they just loved it. They go on and on about the people, the food, the singing, and the dancing till we just say, "enough - stop it". I worked in the hospitality industry in Iceland for many years - running a summer hotel - I was always amazed at how fascinated the tourists were with the country and the culture. Iceland, of course, has its positives and negatives like any other country. The economy, for example, is very sensitive to changes in other parts of the world and inflation is a long known problem, which once again is on the rise. Living on the island is a continuos challenge with nature, but people have learned to live with the unpredictable as well as with high taxes and expensive goods and services. On the positive side we have: beautiful nature, natural and healthy food, second longest living nation in the world, a high standard of living, no unemployment, low crime rate and on and on. Icelanders in Chicago can do a lot more to keep in touch with the old country. Currently the Icelandic Association is more of a social club than anything else. That is fine as long as it is the only thing we want. Building up the association helps us do more to stay in touch with the old country and help our children stay in touch. When I say "stay in touch" I mean learning about the country and its culture, having fun with people of Icelandic heritage, and getting to know the people and the Sagas of this great little island we know as Iceland. Einar Steinsson President


After our meeting we went to the Museum of Science and Industry to decorate our Christmas tree. The Museum will start it's Christmas celebration on November 23rd. We encourage everyone to go and take a look at all the Christmas trees that have been decorated from around the world. It is a wonderful place to go with your family at this time of year.


On December 26th there will be a Christmas Party at the Norwegian church Minnekirken. There will be singing, walking around the tree, food to eat and a visit from Santa Claus. We do hope you come join us with your family for this very festive occasion. Minnekirken is located at 2614 N. Kedzie Blvd in Chicago. Their phone number is 773-252-7335. Please give them a call if you have any questions.


On October 23rd we had our annual board meeting. We voted on the new board. Einar Steinsson was reelected President, Marc & Sonja Johnson are treasurers, Soley Runolfsdottir will be the secretary/editor and vice presidents are, Stella Solis, Siggi Birkis, Anna Kárdal, Binna Porter and Udine Johnson. We had mentioned in an earlier newsletter that we wanted to have an Icelandic Christmas party. We made the decision to join the Norwegian society at Minnekirken with their Christmas celebration. We also went over our financial books, which look fine. There has been a copy of the report included with this letter. We also discussed the Þorrablót for next year; we can never be too prepared. The date is February 26th, which is a Saturday. We are going to have it again at the Swedish Museum.


It's that time of year again when we start collecting the annual fees. We ask that you send them in the self-addressed envelopes that we include with this newsletter and also ask that you take 5 min of your time to fill out our little questioner. The fees are the same as last year, $25 for a family and $15 for individuals/students. Please send your fees to us before Dec. 15th.


As usual we want to ask you to keep an eye and ear out for any new members. We believe we have a great organization and it can only grow and get better, so please if you know anyone who would be interested please let them know about us and let them know how they can get a hold of us. Einar & Lena 773-489-4621 or at our WebPage


We in the Icelandic Society want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year on this most exciting time.

Check out Expenses and Revenues for 1999 HERE.