Friday, December 28, 2007

December 2007

From the Editor
It is always good to look back and remember, the good and the bad. Memories are like a wine, some leave a good afterglow for your taste buds while others leave your mouth dry or sour, but still, they are memories and they are a part of us and make us who we are.This year my biggest memory is the birth of my son who on Dec.24th., will turn 8 months old. I can not wait to go into the new year and start making memories all over again. I wish you all good memories and a good afterglow.

As a foreign person in a foreign country, which now I gladly and proudly call home, good memories are even more important because they make new experiences a lot easier to handle. Many of my best memories since moving here are connected to this beautiful Icelandic Association of Chicago, which we are apart of. In full honesty, though, I feel as the association is experiencing fatigue, which shows itself in lack of interest in doing and building things we so well could do and be proud of. How about turning it around? We can, by pulling together, paying our membership, and come together as one when in need. That is how associations make it and that is how memories are built. So how about it, good people? Let us make 2008 a good year for the Icelandic Association of Chicago.I wish you all a Merry and Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


With warm regards on this cold night,


Þorrablót 2008

Our Þorrablót 2008 will be somewhat different than those you may have attended in the past. Our emphasis this time will be on having a small Blot for members of the association who are in good standing. Furthermore, it will be for adults only and members may not bring guests this year. The date is February 2, at 6 p.m. The location is a private residence in Naperville. Price of the ticket is $35* and must be purchased and paid for in advance by January 18th. Due to the size of our facility, we will only be able to sell 30 tickets. Included in the ticket price is a welcome drink, gravlax, hákarl and a schnapps of Brennivín, the Icelandic Þorrafood and sides, pönnukökur and coffee. For non-Icelandic food we will have a potluck format, please contact Lena for more information regarding what to bring. The Þorrablót is a BYOB event. We will have our famous and ever popular raffle with prizes such as a plane ticket from Icelandair to the Old Country. We will have a good selection of Icelandic party music and some of our musically inclined members will entertain (we still need someone who plays guitar!). Of course, the Þorra Quire will sing, as will everyone else. In short, we are planning a night of real Icelandic fun in USA, a night to be remembered and cherished, until next time.


The Þorra Committee

*Please reserve your tickets and renew your membership with Larry or Joni Shaw. Please remember that no Thorrablot tickets will be sold after January 18th. Make your check out to The Icelandic Association of Chicago and mail to Lawrence Shaw, 147 N. Buckingham Drive, Sugar Grove, IL 60554

** Lena 773-489-4621


All dues and Þorrablót admissions should be sent to our treasurer. The Icelandic Association of Chicago cordially invites all Icelanders, descendants of Iceland and friends of Iceland to join our organization. Please forward a copy of this Membership Form to anyone interested in joining (link is a pdf attachment of the form).