Thursday, December 25, 2003

Þorrablót 2004

Þorrablót 2004


A unique opportunity to sample Icelandic delicacies such as pickled testicles, sour blood pudding, rotten shark, sheep heads, dried fish, brennivin (black death), and much more. Don't despair, we will offer less exotic food for everyone to enjoy! The Þorrablót will be held on February 28th at the Swedish Museum 5211 N. Clark Street, Chicago (tel. 773-728-8111).

Our guests of Honor are the Icelandic Ambassador from Washington DC, Helgi Ágústsson and his wife Hervör Jónasdóttir.

The Blót will begin promptly at 6.30 PM with hors d'oeuvre and drinks. Followed with dinner, sing-a-long (in Icelandic!), open podium, home made desserts and our famous raffle where prizes include Icelandic music, food, candy baskets, books, airline tickets to Iceland (and back!) and many more surprises. Finally, we dance the night away…

This year the band "Slátrið" will make sure everyone gets to the dance floor. The band members are Júlíus Ólafsson who plays the guitar and sings, and Lárus Grímsson who plays the key board and sings. Júlíus and Lárus live in Reykjavík and have played with various groups in the past.

Price of ticket purchased in advance for members is $50 - non-members $55. Students $40. Ages 13 - 16 $30, 7 - 12 $20. Ticket price at the entrance for members is $55 - non-members $60 and $45 for students. Ages 13 - 16 $35, 7 - 12 $25. Admission for children 6 years and younger is free of charge. Advance purchase of ticket must be made before February 23rd. Please make checks payable to the Icelandic Association and mail to Anna María Kárdal, 719 Wildflower Circle, Naperville, IL 60540.

For further information call Einar and Lena at 773-489-4621