Thursday, December 22, 2016

IAC Newsletter December 2016

From the President’s desk
It’s not over but it was a blast.

I hope you had the opportunity to enjoy some of our activities this year and if not that you can make it to some of our events in 2017.  Lena and I are off to Iceland this week and very much looking forward to getting out of the cold to a warmer climate.  It is not a joke, Iceland has been much warmer than Chicago in the last few days and the forecast calls for the same.  But you never know with Icelandic weather, as most of you know. You can get five different types of weather in the same day, sun, snow, rain, wind and no wind.  We are looking forward to meeting family and friends in Hafnarfjörður, Seltjarnarnes, Reykjavík and Akureyri where I am hoping to do some skiing in Hlíðarfjall.  We will be back at the end of the month ready to start prepping for Þorrablót 2017.

Speaking of Þorrablót 2017, you can read the details elsewhere in the newsletter and about the Christmas Tree at the Museum, and our General Meeting.  Also in this newsletter a membership form that you need to fill out and send in with a check or you can renew your membership online. Same low price!  Do that early as once we open ticket sales for Þorrablót it will be for members only and two guests.  We will start general sales late January.

I hope all of you have a great holiday season with excellent food and drink, even though it is not sheep heads or rotten shark and brennivín.

Merry Christmas – Gleðileg Jól.

Einar Steinsson

From the Editor:
In this Newsletter we reflect on the IAC events of 2016 and start preparing for 2017 events including Thorrablot. As always, feel free to send me any suggestions on the newsletter look or content. Original articles on topics of interest to the Icelandic association are also welcome.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. I look forward to celebrating with family and friends in Iceland, in much milder weather than the recent negative Fahrenheit weather! I also look forward to the outdoor heated swimming pools and the magnificent fireworks on New Years Eve.

Kolla Kristjansdottir Fass

The General Meeting

The general meeting was at Snail Thai restaurant on November 13th 2016 immediately following the set-up of the Icelandic Christmas Tree at the Museum of Science and Industry. All officers and directors were re-elected. Association fees will be kept at same rate as previous years, $10 for individual and $20 for families. Thorrablot is scheduled for February 4th and preparations are going well. The new treasurer Erik Johnson gave an update of finances. 2016 went well, we made $87.70 from the Golf Event, $1,220.48 from the Thorrablot and $565 from water sales.

Renew or sign up for IAC Membership

It is that time of year again! You can renew your membership online. low price! Make sure to renew your membership early if you are planning to attend Þorrablót since it will be for members only and two guests.

If you prefer an emailed form that you can print out and sent with a check, please contact (

Taking Down the Christmas Tree and Thorrablot Meeting

We’ll take down the Christmas Tree at the Museum of Science and Industry, Sunday January 15, 2PM.  We’ll use this opportunity for a Thorrablot meeting.  Thorrablot is scheduled for February 4th at the Swedish Museum. Anyone who’s interested to help and participate with Thorrablot, welcome.  Please sign up with Lena at (

IAC Scholarship Program-2016 Update:

At our recent combined Icelandic Association of Chicago [IAC] AGM and open Board Meeting, 13-Nov-2016, in Hyde Park, the following information regarding our IAC Scholarship Program and Academic Liaison was discussed:
For the eighth consecutive year, we received a very generous allotment of IcelandicGlacialWater, donated by the vendor, for our annual beverage sales at Scandinavian Day 11-Sep-2016], at Vasa Park, South Elgin, IL, which with the help of many much-appreciated volunteers, we sold, along with assorted soda pop, for our Scholarship Fund, which now stands at approximately USD $ 4,500.00.
It was agreed that we would allocate approximately one-third of these funds for current applications for the following scholarship assistance:
At least one award at up to USD $ 750.00 to support any bona fide, Icelandic-related study at any relevant American, Canadian, or Icelandic cultural or academic institution OR participation in either the traditional six-week “total-Icelandic-immersion” program for young adults OR the two-week-long similar program for mature adults or retirees [], for enrollment in 2017, 2018, or 2019.
And up to two awards, each, at up to USD $ 375.00 to support any bona fide Icelandic-language study program [preference given to younger applicants], for enrollment in 2017, 2018, or 2019.  Substitutions within these eligible study options may be made, depending on the pool of qualified applicants.
Application forms, including the current IAC Scholarship Program Guidelines, will be posted on our website: and will be circulated to known potential applicants.  Review of all applications will be completed as they are received, with a goal of announcing approved applications at the Februrary, 2017 Þorrablót.

The current committee members of our IAC Scholarship Program remain:  Tryggvi Emilsson, Haukur Guðmundsson, Sonja Johnson, Joni Shaw, and the undersigned.  Anyone interested in working on or with our Committee and/or assisting with our fund-raising, currently primarily at the annual Scandinavian Day [next on Sunday, 10-Sep-2017] is encouraged to liase with the undersigned.
Inquires, suggestions, and applications are always welcome, by email to: ( or the undersigned [ ( ].    J.H.H.

Snorri Program
The Snorri Program Deadlines are rapidly approaching. If you are of Icelandic heritage and would like to explore Iceland, see the information below.

Snorri Program deadline: January 13, 2017
Snorri Plus deadline: January 20, 2017   Application forms, dates, grant info and more on (

Taking Down the Christmas Tree and Thorrablot Meeting 
Sunday, January 15th at 2PM
Museum of Science and Industry
Save the Date:
Thorrablot 2017
February 4th
Swedish Museum
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