Monday, January 31, 2011

February 2011

Icelandic Association of Chicago Volume No. 13 Issue No. 1 February 2011

From the President’s Desk

Gleðilegt Ár – Happy New Year

The IAC is starting the year with a bang! Looks like we’ll sell out our 2011 Þorrablót – We already have 64 attendees confirmed. Our goal is to fill the 70 seats available with IAC members and guests, and and have a fun and intimate event where everyone gets to talk to everyone. If you’ve yet to sign up, don’t procrastinate ...

I want to extend my congratulations to Joni and Larry Shaw on becoming honorary members of our association and thank them for their relentless and unselfish work for IAC, which I hope we’ll enjoy for many more years to come. They’re unable to attend the Þorrablót, therefore I presented them with their certificate at our last meeting before they left for Florida. I hope they’re enjoying the sunny state.

At the beginning of this year’s Þorrablót we’ll have a formal voting on our new bylaws, which, thanks to Larry, are now ready to be put into practice. Once we approve the laws, we’ll distribute them to all members. This is a milestone for the organization – Now we’re offical, and legal in the eyes of the State and other authorites. Good job everyone!

We’re planning to join the Icelandic National League of North America (INL of NA) this year. Membership has many interesting benefits, e.g., access to programs like ‘The Icelandic Movie Night,' and a reading club. I’ll tell you more about the program in the next news letters.

Have a great 2011 and I hope to see most of you at the 2011 Þorrablót.

Einar Steinsson

From the Editor

Hello everyone and welcome to 2011. I wanted to remind you all to send in your travel or Iceland experience story to include in the newsletter. Andrew and Sue Scholberg shared their wonderful travel stories with us last time and we have a few stories coming our way. That said - the more the merrier, so come and share your Iceland story with the rest of the members. We would love to hear from you. You can also write to tell us how much you enjoyed yourself at the Annual þorrablót.

Speaking of ...


Reserve your seat today! Please rsvp on the evite that you received, and click on the following links to purchase tickets and pay membership:

Payment for þorrablót:

Payment for Membership:

If you prefer, you can send payment by mail to:

Lawrence O. Shaw
147 N. Buckingham Drive
Sugar Grove, IL 60554
(remember to fill out and include the membership form)

If you’re mailing your payment to Larry, we still need you to sign up on the Evite. We use the Evite to keep track of how many are attending.

A Brief Reminder From the Snorri Project

There are a few spots available in the Snorri-2011 Program and the Snorri Foundation would like to encourage you to help us find more candidates.

The deadline has been extended to February 4, 2011. The sooner you send in an application the better.


For further information please contact me ASAP.
On behalf of the Snorri Foundation,
Asta Sol Kristjansdottir
Project Manager

-Snorri - because we have passion for your heritage

92nd Annual INL of NA Convention

Pam Olafson Furstenau ‘Sunna’ who is on the Board of Directors of the INL of NA wishes to extend an invitation to everyone in the Icelandic Association of Chicago to the 92nd Annual INL of NA Convention. The event will be held from Thursday, April 28 – Sunday, May 1, 2011 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Information about Registration is on the website:

You can also find this information on the new INL of Iceland Facebook page where Sunna posts interesting topics, links, videos, and photos of upcoming events, recipes, historical facts, Icelandic Traditions, etc.:

Sunna also posts information regarding Icelandic culture, heritage and genealogy on the following web sites: and and the US GenWeb site for Pembina County, North Dakota.

She also administers the following Facebook pages in regards to Icelandic heritage: August the Deuce, Icelandic Klub of Fargo Moorhead, Family History Workshop, and Cousins Across the Ocean.

All these sites have information regarding our Icelandic ancestors, traditions, stories, history, etc.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Pam, a.k.a. Sunna at 701-200-1694 or at