Saturday, September 25, 2004

September 2004

From the President’s Desk

Fall is here and the Annual Meeting is coming up.

The organization is growing at a record pace – not only are we finding “new” Icelanders in town and new people moving into town, but members are having babies like never before. Keep it up members, let’s get bigger than the Swedes! Anna and Ásgeir had a baby girl and so did Katrín and Steinar, our editors. Both girls are doing fine keeping their parents up all night.

Going back in time, the last “get together” we had was planned for Humboldt Park but moved at last minute to our backyard. We had a great time with about 20 people attending plus children. I stood by the grill and did hotdogs and burgers and the weather was perfect. This could not have been a better Independence Day except if it would have been in Iceland, but surely then it would have been raining J

Speaking of Iceland, we listen to the news at least once a week and/or watch the news on the computer. The format is really user-friendly and the WebPages are or If you have any problem understanding the instructions or need help understanding Icelandic then you need to sign up for a class in Icelandic!

Lastly, if you can possibly attend the General Meeting on the 24th of October, please make a note of it because we always have such a good time. All the details are elsewhere in the newsletter and please consider running for any of the positions available on the board. I’m sure we’ll have a great term 2004/2005.

Enjoy the fall weather – the colors and the perfect temperature reminding one of a good summer day in Iceland.

Einar Steinsson, President

From the Editor

Unfortunately, however you look at it, this country has got itself into another Vietnam. Then it was World Communism, now it is World Terrorism. Again just as in the 60’s the war had been going on for few years before the media started to portray a realistic picture of what was truly going on. That was largely due to information being held back but now it seems to be more based on fear. The corporate run media is afraid it will turn away viewers with uncomfortable news and also that the government will shut them out in the cold. Therefore, I recommend listening to the National Public Radio (I do not think I have heard the Laci Peterson trial mentioned there yet!) where you can hear some interesting reports from journalists such as Ivan Watson who have been close to the events in Iraq. Also, I find it most interesting to read the blogs written by the soldiers themselves and their commanding officers. That is probably the best way to find out what is really going on. Few of the blogs have been extremely popular and some have now been shut down by the military and the bloggers have been disciplined since it was thought the blogs contained sensitive information.

Annual Board Meeting

The Icelandic Association of Chicago’s Annual Board Meeting will be held at Cozy Mel's in Wheaton Sunday the 24th of October at 5:30 PM. Cozy Mel’s is off Butterfield Road on Loop Road and can be seen on the right side of Butterfield Road if you are traveling West. The agenda will be as follows:

Meeting commencement
Last year’s accounts reviewed
Board election
President election
Accountant election
Association fees
Website and newsletter
Meeting adjourned

Please, RSVP before the 15th of October whether you are attending. Either contact Einar Steinsson by e-mail or phone (773.489.4621) or Binna Porter (630.231.5951). Let us also know if you need a lift and we can arrange for that. You can also check out Cozy Mel's webpage for further directions and information. We will just order off the menu and average meal is about $15.

Christmas at the Museum of Science and Industry

Our annual Christmas tree decoration at the Museum of Science of Industry is a fun tradition. This year we will decorate the tree on November 14th at 2 pm and take down the decorations January 16 at 3 pm. Everyone interested in participating and helping out is welcome, please sign up with Lena (773-489-4621). The tree will be on display over the Holidays along with trees from other nations.

Letters to the Association

Apartment Swap Chicago – Iceland

We have an apartment in Chicago and are looking for someone to swap apartments with us in Iceland. We plan to be in Iceland from December 21 to the 2nd or 5th of January. We are looking for an apartment or a house in Greater Reykjavik for this time period where its owners would be able to use our place in Chicago. If this suits you please contact me via e-mail:

Best regards,