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January 2009

Icelandic Association of Chicago Volume No. 11 Issue No.5 January 2009

From the President’s desk

‘It’s the quality not the quantity”
It would be beating a dead horse talking about the economy and the recession (Kreppuna) in Iceland as it’s all over the news, not only in the Icelandic media but also here in the US. I’d still like to tell you though, of a recent interview with me in the Chicago Tribune, which link you’ll find on our webpage or on the Tribune page.
I’ve been thinking about our organization, our mission and goals, and the quality vs. quantity that comes into play. Our goal isn’t to get as many members as possible, or as many as possible to attend our gatherings – what’s important is the quality of the time we spend together, which comes from those who have similar interests and goals. There are many people interested in Iceland for different reasons, most of whom wanting to travel to this beautiful island someday in their lives. They could be interested in our history, the sagas, nature, the people, and so on. We can not be everything to everyone so we need to focus on what we do best: Build up an organization of Icelanders and people who are of Icelandic descent - people who’re interested in building up a community with strong ties to Iceland and celebrate with multiple gatherings every year. We have a tourist board and officials whose job is marketing of Iceland. That is, however, not the reason we have a small scale Þorrablót this year. We simply ran out of time plus the recession makes us reluctant to do all the work that a big Þorrablót requires. Next year, we aim for a big Þorrabót where all members can attend and bring their guests.
We’ll have a great Þorrablót next month at the home of Stella and Miguel Solis in Bolingbrook who we can’t thank enough for hosting this year’s event. If you can not make it this year I hope to see you at some of the other planned events: 17th of June celebration, Scandinavian Day Festival, The Greater Chicago Icelandic Open, The General Meeting, or Jólaball.
Gleðilegt Ár – Happy New Year
Einar Steinsson

From the Editor
There’s a comment I get a lot and I’m sure you, my fellow Icelanders, know well also. The comment, which gets really popular during this cold time of the year: ‘But aren’t you from Iceland-how can you be cold?’ Well, even though I’m a tough Icelandic Viking woman! I still get cold and that isn’t even too hard of a task to complete when the weather is as cold as it is now. I sometimes wonder what I was thinking moving here; I left a wet and moist country to settle in the freezing state of Illinois where people don’t believe me when I tell them that I come from Alabama! But then I remember: LOVE-I came here because of love and then I get warm again. To have love and caring in one’s life is always important because no one is an Island, but today, I think love, caring and compassion are more important than ever. We live in tough times. Granted, times have been more difficult; we’re not standing in line waiting to get soup, for example, but life is hard for many people; both here and in Iceland. The things that help everyone through hard time are love, caring and compassion. I hope all of you who read this, have those three important elements in your life and I hope you’re generous with them as well.
On another note - now that the month of Thorri is coming up, followed by Thorrablót, it’d be fun to collect old and new Thorrablot’s pictures to put on our website and to have on display at the next Thorrablot. Old pictures could be scanned and put on a computerized form or brought in albums to the next Thorrablot. Dig through your old photo albums and see what you can find because, if nothing else, these pictures are of a great value to our Association.
From an icy cold Cary, IL, I send you warm greetings. Swany.

Þorrablót 2009
Þorrablót 2009 will be somewhat different than those you may have attended in the past. Our emphasis this time will be on having a small Blot for members of the association who are in good standing. Furthermore it will be for adults only and members can not bring guests this year. The date is February 21st at 6 p.m. The location is 1839 Marne Rd, Bolingbrook, IL 60490, Stella and Miguel Solis’s home. Price of the ticket is $35* and must be purchased and paid for in advance, along with the membership fee, $25 ($15 for individuals), by February 1st. Due to the size of our facility, we will only be able to sell 36 tickets. Included in the ticket price are a welcome drink, gravlax, hákarl and Brennivín, the Icelandic Þorrafood and sides, pönnukökur, Siggi Skyr, and coffee. For non-Icelandic food we will have a potluck format, please contact Lena, (773-489-4621) for more information what to bring. The Þorrablót is a BYOB event. We will have our famous and ever popular raffle with prizes such as TWO-plane ticket from Icelandair to the Old Country, hangikjöt, and much more. The great musician Sveinbjörn Grétarsson or better known as Bjössi in Greifarnir (a very popular band in Iceland) will entertain us throughout the evening. Of course, the Þorra Quire will sing, as will everyone else. In short, we are planning a night of real Icelandic fun in USA, a night to be remembered and cherished, until next time.
The Þorra Committee
*To February 1st, current Members can pay attendance and membership fee (see form below).
**From February 1st to February 14th, New Members can pay attendance and membership fee if we are not sold out (also see form below).
***Please send in your membership fee regardless if you will be attending Þorrablót or not.
****Remember, no tickets will be sold after February 14th. Please make your check out to The Icelandic Association of Chicago and mail to Larry Shaw 147 N. Buckingham Drive, Sugar Grove, IL 60554

The following firms already have committed to sponsorship at our 2009 Þorrablót, - We thank them very much.

Siggi’s skyr, The Icelandic Milk and Skyr Corporation, 135 West 26th Street, 2nd floor
New York, NY, 10001

Bautinn Restaurant & Catering. Akureyri, Iceland

Icelandair –

Rembeber to check out our webpage:

Mark your calendar! The Greater Chicago Icelandic Open 2009 will be held 16th of August this year.

All membership dues and Þorrablót’s admissions should be sent to our treasurer

The Icelandic Association of Chicago cordially invites all Icelanders, descendants of Iceland and friends of Iceland to join our organization. Please forward a copy of this Membership Form to anyone interested in joining, or provide us with that persons name and address.


Icelandic Association of Chicago
2009 Membership Form


Full Name of member/s____________________________________________

Name of child/children_____________________________________________


City, State, Zip-code_______________________________________________

Phone Number_____________________ E-mail_________________________

New Member__________ Renewal Member___________

Annual Membership fees: Individual/students: $15.00, Family: $25.00

Make payable to: Icelandic Association of Chicago
Please mail your check and completed form to our Treasurer:

Lawrence O. Shaw,
147 N. Buckingham Drive
Sugar Grove, IL 60554

25501 Maurepas Lane
Leesburg, FL 34748

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