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IAC Newsletter January 2020

  • From the President's Desk
  • From the Editor
  • Non-for-profit status
  • Thorrablot 2020
  • Taking down the Christmas Tree Greater Icelandic Open 2019
  • Scandinavian Day-Scholarship Program
  • Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols
  • Icelandic 101: INLNA 2020 Calendar


Save the date!
Thorrablot 2020 (#Thorrablot)
Saturday, February 29th 6PM
Swedish Museum

Take down the Christmas Tree (#Christmas Tree)
Saturday, January 11th at 11am
Museum of Science and Industry
Email Lena ( if you plan to attend
From the President’s desk
------------------------------------------------------------ New corruption scandal in Iceland with one of the largest fisheries, money laundering and briberies in Namibia. Never a dull moment if you follow the news from Iceland. Samherji, Iceland’s biggest fishing company, is being accused for paying alleged bribes to officials in Namibia in exchange for trawling rights and to ensure access to fishing quotas. In addition, they are charged with money laundering through Dubai, and of all places, Norway. This sounds like something out of a movie, I know. You can find the details on the internet, but this is far from over. In other news, our organization put up its Christmas tree at the Museum of Science and Industry last month. The tree looks spectacular, thanks to everyone who helped, in particular, Gunna and Kalli who create and maintain the decorations. Please take the time this holiday season to visit ‘Christmas around the World’ exhibit where trees from 64 countries are represented. Following the tree trimming we met for a successful General Meeting, more news on that in this newsletter. Our 2020 Þorrablót will be hold at the same place as last years on February 29th, the day that only comes every four years. I hope most of you can attend, more information coming soon. Happy New Year! Gleðilegt nýtt ár! I hope you all enjoyed quality time with family and friends over the Holidays. Einar Steinsson President From the Editor In this Newsletter we have details on upcoming IAC events including the ever popular Thorrablot. We will also be taking down the Christmas tree at the MSI in January. We hope you can join us for some of these events. The 13 Icelandic Yule lads are heading back to the mountains, hopefully the kids got gifts and not a potato. If you were able to go to Iceland over the holidays, I hope you got to see the beautiful Northern Lights. As always feel free to contact me at ( with original articles for the newsletter or suggestions on topics to cover. Kolla Kristjansdottir Fass Editor Non-for-profit status Breaking News! I am thrilled to announce that IAC recently completed its registration as a non-for-profit organization with the IRS and the state of Illinois, enabling it to solicit tax-deductible donations. Thanks to the excellent work of Mayer Brown’s LLP lawyers, who for the past four years worked on our behalf, pro bono. Haukur Guðmundsson, Caroline Jensen, and many more - Þúsund þakkir! Einar Steinsson, president, and the board of IAC. Thorrablot 2020 ÞORRABLÓT 2020 – February 29, 6 P.M., at the Swedish American Museum. We’re ready and open for business and proud to keep the prices for members the same as previous years! We’ll start the party at 6 P.M., and greet you with a welcome drink, homemade gravlax, double smoked leg of lamb, Brennivin, and rotten shark. The Swedish American Museum is one magical place, thanks to you, and thanks to Hermann Arason, Hemmi Boy, who’ll be back with his guitar leading the room in song and dance, and, thanks to Master Chef Ari Hallgrímsson who’ll be in charge of the food and ready to answer all your questions about Icelandic traditions, old or new. On the dinner table you’ll find standards such as pickled rams’ testicles, sheared sheep heads, dried haddock, blood pudding, liver pudding, hangikjöt, rye and flat bread, and other delicacies you’ve been craving… For dessert we’ll have a traditional ‘Kaffihlaðborð’ with pönnukökur, kleinur, marengstertur, Siggi’s skyr, and other goodies prepared by our members. We’ll treat you to the best Glacial water in the world BUT for other drinks, this is a BYOB event. We’ll have our famous and forever popular raffle, where you can win a ticket from Icelandair to the Old Country, Icelandic music, design wool products, chocolates, art work, limo ride, and many more unique prizes. Þorrablót is a fun filled night a la Icelanders’ style where ´maðr er manns gaman´. We look forward to seeing you all and sing and dance the night away. Skál! Þorraþræll The small print... The deadline to purchase tickets is February 24th. We will not sell tickets or accept payment at the door. We have sold out for the past several Þorrablót. You can click on the links below to pay membership fees and buy tickets or visit our webpage If you are unable to buy your tickets online, please notify our treasurer, Erik, and mail a check to: Erik Johnson 1548 N. Hoyne Ave,Apt 2 Chicago, IL, 60622 ( Click here ( to pay membership fees and fill out the census form Ticket prices 2020 – Click on link to purchase Member $65 ( Member 70 + $55 ( Member Student $55 ( Member 11-17 $45 ( Non-Member $90 ( Non-Member 70+ $75 ( Non-Member Student $75 ( Non-Member 11-17 $65 ( Non-Member 7-10 $45 ( The smaller print... No refund of tickets after February 24th, as we will have committed to all expenses. If you mail in a check it must be postmarked by 2/24/19. Out of respect to everyone please comply to deadlines. The Swedish American Museum 5211 N. Clark Street Designated parking lot for 14 cars, first come first served at the North East corner of Foster Ave and Ashland Ave. Street parking available. Many thanks to all of our sponsors, especially, Taking down the Christmas Tree We will be taking down the Christmas Tree on Saturday, January 11th at 11am at the Museum of Science and Industry. Email Lena ( mailto:koshkuklo@gmail.comif you plan to attend. The Greater Icelandic Open 2019 One more successful Open under our belt, graced with exceptional weather. Nick Rokop and David Baker are this year’s Champions, congratulations. Runner up, team grandpa Jim A Sveinsson and grandson Max Henley, who also took the ‘Longest Drive’ for men, and the ‘Longest Putt’, well done. 3^rd place, after a four team play off on the putting green: Paul Sörensen and Michael Gallagher. Anna María Kárdal won the ‘Longest Drive’ for women, and Lena Hallgrímsdóttir, ‘Closest to the Pin’. I look forward to 2020 and our 15 year anniversary – Until then, keep it in the short. Einar Steinssson. Scandinavian Day-Scholarship Program Scandinavian Day-2019 at Vasa Park, South Elgin, IL & IAC Scholarship Program: Once again, we received a generous allocation of IcelandicGlacial Wate ( r for sale at Scandinavian Park, some of which was additionally purchased and then resold by four other Scandinavian lodges on Sunday, 8-Sep-2019. Despite a chilly [60+ degrees, cloudy day with intermittent light rain], we received wonderful support from the Scandinavian Community. A friend of the Icelandic Association of Chicago committed to purchasing remaining bottles. Some were donated to the Park and to the entertainers throughout the day. The principal entertainment, this year, was the Long Island, New York-based Accordion ensemble, SmogasBandet ( . All proceeds went to our IAC Scholarship Program. This year, our beverage-sale were in the totally-rebuilt Rosemalling-Boutique Building. The concrete base for the enlarged building was donated by Ozinga and the sweat-equity for rebuilding it was provided by a local Boy Scout, who earned his Eagle Badge for this community-service. The Scandinavian Park Not-for-Profit 501(c), of which the IAC is a member [represented by Larry and Joni Shaw and John Hofteig] provided the building materials. At our IAC General Meeting, 11-Nov-2019, at the Museum of Science and Industry after decorating our Icelandic Christmas Tree, one change in the IAC Scholarship Program was approved: For the foreseeable future, subject to annual review by the IAC Board and General Membership, there will be a “perpetual” Open Enrollment/Application Schedule, on average, offering annually, at least: Up to two Icelandic Language stipends, each for up to USD $ 375.00 each; and Up to two stipends up to USD $ 750.00 each for any combination of the following: Stipend for partial support of enrollment in either the Snorri Foundation’s ( “total Icelandic immersion” program for North American young-adult applicants [currently for five weeks] or the two-week-long Snorri-Plus program for North American mature adults and/or retirees; Enrollment/Registration in any bona fide Icelandic-related academic coursework, including independent study, under the auspices of any bona fide American, Canadian, or Icelandic academic, scientific, or cultural entity. Prevailing guidelines remain, including in the case of the Icelandic Language stipend, preference for younger applicants. Awardees are expected to be or become active IAC members and to provide a suitable Report to the IAC General Membership. Further relevant information will be posted on our IAC website: Further information, application, and volunteering to serve on the IAC Scholarship Program & Academic Liaison are all available, via email: ( and ( . J.H.H. Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols has come to Iceland: Within the English-speaking world and amongst those who observe Christmas as the Christian Church’s unbelievable proclamation of the incredible Mystery of the Incarnation, a much-anticipated celebration is the annual Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, still observed much like its original version designed by the Dean of Kings College Cambridge, the Reverend Eric Miller-White, for its first performance at Kings College Cambridge after the 11-Nov-1918 Armistice. He had served as a chaplain during World War I in the 7th Infantry Division. The Reverend Miller-White actually adapted his service from the much-earlier formal service of Nine Lessons and Carols designed in 1880 by the Right Reverend Edward White, then the Bishop of Truruo [later in 1883 to be appointed the Archbishop of Canterbury]. This service, long-since made famous by the Kings College Cambridge Men and Boy Choir, always beginning with a treble solo on the first verse of: Once in Royal David’s City, immediately followed by full organ, choir, and congregational singing of the remaining stanzas. The service is broadcast by the BBC and syndicated on the CBC, PBS, and NPR, distributed in the United States by Minnesota Public Radio for broadcast at 9:00 am, CST, on Christmas Eve morning. In Chicago, is available on WFMT-98.7. In recent years, a version of this service has been hosted by foreign embassies in Reykjavík. Currently, Iceland’s National Lutheran Cathedral, Hallgrímskirkja, presents this same festive service in English during Advent. Perennial favorites of Church musicians and attendees, alike, often include the Advent anthem beginning: “This is the Record of John;” the Christmas anthem beginning: “Who knocks tonight, so late, the weary porter asked;” and the Epiphany anthem beginning: “Three kings from Persian lands afar.” The full text of Once in Royal David’s City and these three anthems, together with additional information, are all available via Googling each. J.H.H. Icelandic 101: INLNA 2020-Calendar The INLNA 2020-Calendar produced by the Icelandic National League of North America [] is entitled: Icelandic 101 and is dedicated to the Icelandic Language, the heart-and-soul of Icelandic literature and culture. Each month features a short themed-dialogue with the English-translation of the vocabulary and each day references an Icelandic word or expression relevant to each month’s theme. These calendars are available [USD $ 12.00 each] from John:, ( who continues to serve on the Board of the INLNA. J.H.H. ================================================= ** ( ** ( Copyright © 2016 Icelandic Association Chicago, All rights reserved. FARSÆLDA FRÓN - THE ICELANDIC ASSOCIATION OF CHICAGO NEWSLETTER. EDITOR: KOLLA KRISTJÁNSDÓTTIR FASS, WEBSITE:** WWW.ICELANDCHICAGO.ORG (http://WWW.ICELANDCHICAGO.ORG) . CORRESPONDENCE: THE ICELANDIC ASSOCIATION OF CHICAGO (IAC), ** EINAR STEINSSON ( ) PRESIDENT.

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